World new way to saty connected

September 12th, 2012

Are you a cellphone addict/dependent? If so that is not a problem cause you will not suffer like the non addict/dependent will do.

The world is going toward to the cell phones use as an everything. Soon you will be able not only to surf internet from it, It is not far the time where you will be able to make the shopping from your cellphone it is just matter of time.

The cell phone Industry it is called to switch off the PC, laptops and notepads world (not literally) but it is well known that the cell phones is a way to stay connected longer since you can’t carry the PC with you wherever you go but the phone you can take it to almost anywhere and just having signal coverage you will be able to do mostly all that you can do in a PC or laptop to communicate with other it does not matter if is facebook  or a free dating online site, you will be able to access to your favorites sites using the cell phone.

SO the world is switching off from PC to stay connected with Cellphones.

Ipad great way to stay connected

August 16th, 2011

iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G includes Wi-Fi connectivity as well as 3G connectivity. 3G uses cellular signals — the same signals your cell phone uses — to connect to the Internet. Choose an iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G if you’ll be spending time in places without Wi-Fi hotspots, such as outdoors or on your morning commute.

Hello world!

April 6th, 2009

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